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  • Anger Management

    If you are reading this page, you or someone close to you probably has a problem with anger and you are considering counselling to help.

    Therapy has proven to be effective for the following types of people and issues:

    • People who bully, interrupt, or overpower others
    • Manipulation and passive aggressive behaviour
    • People who experience behavioral changes associated with posttraumatic stress
    • People experiencing substance dependency or undergoing recovery
    • People with mental health issues that make it difficult to express anger in healthy ways
    • People in unhealthy relationships
    • People experiencing high levels of stress

    Anger can undermine your relationships, limit career growth, and cause depression. It can damage the emotional well-being of children at home and undermine your physical health.

    Maybe you are lashing out at others at home or at work, saying things or doing things that you regret. Or you are internalizing your anger, never expressing it at all, and experiencing depression or physical health issues as a result. Either way, the problem needs to be addressed. Good for you for having the courage to consider new solutions.

    I work through exploring with you the underlying reasons for your anger, validating your needs if not the expression of them, and giving you space to express all of the hurt, frustration, sadness, grief, or fear that you may also feel, often for very good reasons.

    More than that, you want the tools to actually change your responses during moments of regret. You are ready to take responsibility for your own change, and to try new approaches. This is where we can work together to actually make a real difference in the relationships, performance, and health areas of your life.

    Feel free to contact me to discuss working together to make this happen. If you’re committed, I’m committed.