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    Affair Recovery

    If your husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, or significant other is cheating, it can be hard to find someone who understands. Your partner may be having an affair with a coworker, brother, sister, friend, or neighbour. You might have thought they were straight but now suspect they are gay or lesbian. You may be deeply confused by clues and denials. Or your partner may be sure of themselves and honest with you. Either way, you are not alone, you are not crazy, and your experience is perfectly valid. Many counsellors will blame the marriage, or worse, you for the affair. This is not true. You are never to blame for your partner’s affair. I offer a SAFE therapeutic relationship where you can explore your own feelings and reactions, REBUILD your self-esteem and identity, and discover a normal where you feel yourself, renew your values, and love your life again. I have experienced infidelity myself and helped many others recover. Let’s connect so you can feel better and heal in the deepest and quickest way possible.