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  • Anxiety, ADHD & Mental Health Diagnosis & Treatment

    Anxiety, ADHD, and other mental health problems can be incredibly destructive to your life. You may feel confused, powerless, or out of control. You’ve put it off too long and now you’re ready to deal with it. Old strategies are not working. These may be some of your complaints:

    *Chronic performance anxiety

    *Constant worries about the future

    *Feelings of worthlessness

    *Tension in your chest, face, stomach, or hands

    *Racing thoughts keeping you up at night

    *Bad concentration at work, school, or sports

    *Never being able to slow down or relax

    *Difficulty performing at school, work, or in sports because of negative thoughts or fear.

    *Difficulty concentrating on boring tasks

    *Hyperfocusing to the point of missed appointments

    *Difficulty with procrastinating or completing projects

    I have provided 1750-2000 mental health assessments in hospital settings, over 15000 clinical sessions, worked with allied health and psychiatric teams, and can provide you with formal diagnosis and treatment from a holistic psychosocial perspective.

    The starting point is a safe therapeutic relationship between us. Then we proceed based on the approach we choose and how committed you are to making changes in your life. With time to express yourself freely and openness to learning new ways to feel better, perform better, and be happier, change is on your side.