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  • Addiction Treatment

    Are you struggling with addiction to alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, shopping, internet, or some other substance or behaviour? Have you tried to quit on your own and are ready to enlist professional support? Addictions can be incredibly costly, and can undermine your relationships, physical and mental health, and your work.

    I have extensive experience working in residential treatment, employer supported treatment, and after care. I specialize in addictions counselling because after working professionally in the field since 2005 I have found that addictions can be at the core of what is not working. I love being part of massive improvement in peoples’ lives.

    My approach is holistic, strength-based, and process oriented. I aim to understand you, your goals, your personal struggle with addictions, and your whole life experience. We can focus on what you have done right and build on good results you have already achieved, even if it maybe difficult to see those sometimes. We may also need tools — cognitive-behavioural therapy tools — to help you break from the cycles that keep you stuck. We may work to limit the substance or eliminate it from your life altogether.  We might also need to address underlying mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, or ADHD.

    In addition to beating addiction, we can include supporting goals that build towards a fuller more meaningful life with exercise, sports performance, artistic expression, career, or healthy relationships. Ultimately we have to break the addictive pattern so that amends can be made and you can be in a much better place in your life.