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    Boundaries & Communication

    Boundaries can go wrong in a relationship with a family member, friend, colleague, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife. You can feel too enmeshed with someone, no longer knowing your own feelings and identifying too strongly with their needs. You may also feel totally disconnected, misunderstood, intruded upon, or violated. Boundaries are needed to not only protect you from physical harm, but also emotional harm.

    The starting point in establishing healthy boundaries is with reconnecting with yourself. That means clarifying what you feel, what you want, and how to get there. I have found that the safety and depth of a high quality therapeutic relationship provides incredible opportunities to rejuvenate. You can also benefit from new tools and methods for setting boundaries, reconnecting with those you choose, and expressing your needs even with the most difficult person in your life.

    I offer a true commitment to discovering what will actually work in your particular situation and relationship so you can feel safe, understood, in control, and connected with those most important to you, including yourself.