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  • Couples Counselling

    I am in Victoria BC offering couples therapy in-person and through video to those anywhere in BC. My approach includes the Gottman Method and Emotion Focussed Couples Therapy to:

    • identify and break out of cycles of conflict
    • finally be heard, understood, and appreciated again
    • move past the pain of infidelity to restore trust
    • reignite sensual intimacy
    • heal from hurt and longstanding resentments
    • distinguish between childhood traumas and current reactions
    • establish healthy boundaries while improving connection
    • learn practical new tools for problem solving
    • express strong emotions in a safe environment
    • Manage anger and increase relationship safety

    connect over finances, in-laws, sexual problems, and fertility challenges

    I have provided professional therapy services for 18 years. Most important is our rapport. If you feel my specializations are a good fit for what you need, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me today to book an appointment so we can get started.